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Planning… November 13, 2011

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Well, this is the coldest fall I can remember. I’ve sown a cover crop mix and the last of the alsike clover, and am planning to build a big compost pile in the back yard to help build  up the soil (it’s looks like sandstone and is about as hard to dig in right now). The only other thing growing right now is baby carrot plants. I discovered that I might have accidentally killed some of my vegetable seeds when I stuck them in a freezer for a short while to get rid of the bugs. Oh well, live and learn. The chickens are molting right now, and look ridiculous. Luckily, they’re not naked. Egg production is pretty much zero. We’re looking to get chicks in the Spring, and either sell the gals or turn them into chicken soup (my dad’s coworker has already reserved one…).

Something I never knew about chickens before getting them: When they eat anything, if it’s moist or wet, they will wipe their beak on the ground afterwards, even if the result is a dirtier beak than before. They haven’t seemed to get the idea of wiping their beaks on something that is not dirt.


Litany of…. October 31, 2011

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So my younger sister, Her Majesty the Pianist in our school choir, informed me that tomorrow for our All Saints Day prayer service at school, we would be replacing one line of the Litany of the Saints (which is beautiful, by the way. Too bad we only get to hear it twice a year) with contemporary people like Dorothy Day, Gandhi, etc.

“Why would the music director do that? It’s just fine on its own! Besides, I like the names in the original (I might not know some of them, like Hippolytus, but they’re still fun to sing. Color me shallow)” I said

“I don’t know…Maybe they’re afraid that the students won’t know the saints?”

“Well, considering most of the names on there are famous members of the early Church, including Mary, Mary Magdalene, and the apostles, and the patriarchs and prophets like Abraham and Elijah, and considering that this is a Catholic school, if people don’t remember this from Religion class the Religion Department would be very sad. Anyways, how can you call it a Litany of Saints if the original asks saints officially recognized by the Church  to pray for us?”

“I don’t know. Maybe now it’s a Litany of Good People?”

Sometimes sisters are so refreshing.


Warning… October 12, 2011

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For any readers (if I have any) – I may go into philosophic/religious matters. Just thought that I’d warn anyone who comes just for pictures of Angel (yes, there will be more in abundance), the chickens, and gardening.

Plus, I think now that every time I post, I will add a subject at the bottom for next time. Starting today!

Next time: Poor Canada and speaking up


Busy… September 23, 2011

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I’ve been busy with school and other projects. Behold:

And this:

Both of which are cowls and birthday presents for friends. For my birthday, we went to the San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park. My sister took these photos.


This hawk was particularly irritated at something, and kept screeching loudly.

Recently I have become interested in watercolors and sketching, but my art never turns out the way I want to…

And since this is a blog that is a little about my dog, I present the Queen of Cuteness:


Happy New Year! January 5, 2011

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I hope you all had a fun vacation and New Year! The garden has been slow lately, but it’s almost time to plant seeds again. Surprisingly, the tomatoes have not been killed, even though we’ve had mornings at 37 degrees Fahrenheit and nights certainly colder than that. The chickens are doing well, tearing up the yard as usual looking for bugs, but Sakura, a Rhode Island Red low in the pecking order, got her vent torn up by the other chickens in December. It’s healing well now. Angel is, well, Angel, always on the prowl for food and furry or feathered things to chase. For 2011, I want to try to post every week.


Happy Moon Festival! September 21, 2010

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For all those who celebrate the Moon Festival, I hope you enjoy those mooncakes! My dad brought home boxes of them and we ate and gave away all of them in two days.



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Three spinach have sprouted, and I seeded some Swiss Chard. The chickens started eating from a 50-lb bag of layer feed Monday. They go through it quickly. The carrots came up already. I’m surprised when people complain of the long germination rate of carrots. Mine always come up within a week or so.

Last Friday, I came home and made some pasta to use up some of the eggs sitting around.

Pasta dough


It was very good and thick.