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Planning… November 13, 2011

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Well, this is the coldest fall I can remember. I’ve sown a cover crop mix and the last of the alsike clover, and am planning to build a big compost pile in the back yard to help build  up the soil (it’s looks like sandstone and is about as hard to dig in right now). The only other thing growing right now is baby carrot plants. I discovered that I might have accidentally killed some of my vegetable seeds when I stuck them in a freezer for a short while to get rid of the bugs. Oh well, live and learn. The chickens are molting right now, and look ridiculous. Luckily, they’re not naked. Egg production is pretty much zero. We’re looking to get chicks in the Spring, and either sell the gals or turn them into chicken soup (my dad’s coworker has already reserved one…).

Something I never knew about chickens before getting them: When they eat anything, if it’s moist or wet, they will wipe their beak on the ground afterwards, even if the result is a dirtier beak than before. They haven’t seemed to get the idea of wiping their beaks on something that is not dirt.


Germination! September 14, 2010

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of alsike clover – or something like it. I’m still waiting on the spinach and carrots. The chickens have been feasting on old boiled sweetcorn. They pick it absolutely clean within minutes – not one scrap is left. There’s an occasional squawk as someone accidentally pecks a comb or head instead of the corn.


Garden doings September 10, 2010

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This past week I transplanted our leggy fig tree into a bigger pot and today I also sowed some alsike clover for overwintering as a cover crop in some really clayey soil. You can practically make porcelain and clay pots with it. I will sow some chard as well as spinach tomorrow, and see if I can get a fall crop of sugar snap peas. As long as the critters and my chickens don’t dig them up and eat them, I think it should be fine. Then again, this year has been a year of wacky weather, so we’ll see what we get.

Update: I finished sowing about 15 spinach, and the rest of the Dragon Purple carrots.


More sowings… April 13, 2010

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I used the idea from The Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen of polyculture salad beds and I sowed two huge pots (no idea how much soil they hold) with:

  • Dutch Redina, Batavian Nevada, and French Cardinale lettuce
  • Evergreen bunching heshiko onion
  • amaranth (probably too early but it gets warm pretty early here)
  • Viroflay Spinach
  • Bunching Crimson Forest onion
  • Basil, both Cinnamon and lettuce-leaved genovese
  • Rainbow Swiss Chard
  • Dragon Purple Carrots
  • Red Cored Chatenay Carrots
  • Green Fortune Pak Choi

Everything except for the Pak Choi is open-pollinated. I hope to get some salads soon!


Seeds and such April 10, 2010

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After having a gigantic slug devour my cucumber seedlings, I replanted them today with 7 that have been presprouted. I am worried about my 2 tomato seedlings – the ones that survived heat – as they seem to be wilting and turning black. The peas have been growing very slowly and the chives are sending up flowers. The weather has been acting wacky again, first with cloudy weather, then 2 days of sun, then today with clouds and sunshine taking turns. They say it will probably rain tomorrow. As for the chicks, we’ve been looking for a local source but they don’t have the breed we want (Silver or Golden Laced Wyandottes). Of course, I could-and have-called local feed stores, but they don’t have them and I don’t like to make phone calls in general.


Just some thoughts… March 29, 2010

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I was reading the National Geographic today. It was a special issue (I think) about the water crises. A shiny ad caught my eye about how farmers could save water. The paragraph was very optimistic, and I was in perfect agreement until I was stopped in my tracks. How? The end of the sentence went something like this – “by distributing water-saving irrigation tools and biotech seeds, we can help reduce the water crises.”  Biotech seeds??!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, and went back to read it again. There it was – biotech seeds. I then looked at the company logo, and what do you know? Its Monsanto again.

Another ad had something about plants bred for drought tolerance, but something about it (I’ll look over it again tomorrow) suggested GMOs. Again. By a water conservation group. Grrrrrr.  I’m not going to stop reading it, though (its free in my school library), but I’m going to look over the articles with a closer eye. Just out of curiosity, but has anyone else seen reputable magazines that host Monsanto ads?