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Of Favorites and Frustrations January 29, 2012

Filed under: good books,Queen's Thief — Aeneas Anchises' son @ 9:20 pm

My favorite series of all time (after LOTR, of course, though it’s only a little bit behind) is the Queen’s Thief series, by Megan Whalen Turner. Her books are written for rereading (I think I’ve read King of Attolia, my favorite, at least 10 times by now…). And the author has deigned to give her readers an interview!


No!! But then I’ll never figure out how old Gen really was, why Ornon lost his sheep, and what happens to Costis. Ms. Turner, you really have to write more books! I don’t think we’ll ever find out all that we want to in just six books!

Although, thanks to the Livejournal community Sounis, I’ve learned more than I’ve wanted to about Gen’s underwear…