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Litany of…. October 31, 2011

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So my younger sister, Her Majesty the Pianist in our school choir, informed me that tomorrow for our All Saints Day prayer service at school, we would be replacing one line of the Litany of the Saints (which is beautiful, by the way. Too bad we only get to hear it twice a year) with contemporary people like Dorothy Day, Gandhi, etc.

“Why would the music director do that? It’s just fine on its own! Besides, I like the names in the original (I might not know some of them, like Hippolytus, but they’re still fun to sing. Color me shallow)” I said

“I don’t know…Maybe they’re afraid that the students won’t know the saints?”

“Well, considering most of the names on there are famous members of the early Church, including Mary, Mary Magdalene, and the apostles, and the patriarchs and prophets like Abraham and Elijah, and considering that this is a Catholic school, if people don’t remember this from Religion class the Religion Department would be very sad. Anyways, how can you call it a Litany of Saints if the original asks saints officially recognized by the Church  to pray for us?”

“I don’t know. Maybe now it’s a Litany of Good People?”

Sometimes sisters are so refreshing.


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