Of Angels and Plants

The adventures of gardening

Pesto! September 4, 2010

Filed under: chickens,garden — Aeneas Anchises' son @ 8:13 pm

I severely cut back my basil plants today and made pesto. It was good, but a bit too creamy for my taste. I probably added too much nuts. The chickens have been giving us about four eggs a day now, but they’ve been leaping up on my containers and digging for worms. :(. I will need to confine them in the dog kennel that we have currently set up.

The beans are blossoming and the figs are taking their sweet time. There are 2 more tomatoes on the vine, but they’re smaller than a doll’s head. There was another one, but it disappeared. Methinks that the chickens pecked it off and ate it.


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