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Happy Moon Festival! September 21, 2010

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For all those who celebrate the Moon Festival, I hope you enjoy those mooncakes! My dad brought home boxes of them and we ate and gave away all of them in two days.



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Three spinach have sprouted, and I seeded some Swiss Chard. The chickens started eating from a 50-lb bag of layer feed Monday. They go through it quickly. The carrots came up already. I’m surprised when people complain of the long germination rate of carrots. Mine always come up within a week or so.

Last Friday, I came home and made some pasta to use up some of the eggs sitting around.

Pasta dough


It was very good and thick.


Germination! September 14, 2010

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of alsike clover – or something like it. I’m still waiting on the spinach and carrots. The chickens have been feasting on old boiled sweetcorn. They pick it absolutely clean within minutes – not one scrap is left. There’s an occasional squawk as someone accidentally pecks a comb or head instead of the corn.


Garden doings September 10, 2010

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This past week I transplanted our leggy fig tree into a bigger pot and today I also sowed some alsike clover for overwintering as a cover crop in some really clayey soil. You can practically make porcelain and clay pots with it. I will sow some chard as well as spinach tomorrow, and see if I can get a fall crop of sugar snap peas. As long as the critters and my chickens don’t dig them up and eat them, I think it should be fine. Then again, this year has been a year of wacky weather, so we’ll see what we get.

Update: I finished sowing about 15 spinach, and the rest of the Dragon Purple carrots.


Pesto! September 4, 2010

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I severely cut back my basil plants today and made pesto. It was good, but a bit too creamy for my taste. I probably added too much nuts. The chickens have been giving us about four eggs a day now, but they’ve been leaping up on my containers and digging for worms. :(. I will need to confine them in the dog kennel that we have currently set up.

The beans are blossoming and the figs are taking their sweet time. There are 2 more tomatoes on the vine, but they’re smaller than a doll’s head. There was another one, but it disappeared. Methinks that the chickens pecked it off and ate it.