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Surprise, Surprise! August 9, 2010

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Tomoyo also laid an egg today.


An Egg!

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Four days ago, we found an egg on the edge of the lawn.

Next to a Playdough Container for size comparison (my dad just grabbed the nearest object and he is the one holding the container)

Yesterday, we found another egg in the coop (haven’t built the nest boxes yet because we didn’t expect them to be laying this early, they are about 16-17 weeks old).

Today, Yuuko was acting a bit strange, hopping into the coop and then coming out,  and after 40 minutes I went to check and found another, slightly bigger egg.


I wonder if the other Black Sex link, Tomoyo, is going to start laying soon as well.


My New Mouse-Catching Team August 2, 2010

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We have had some mice that have been appearing in the yard and around the house. Yesterday, my parents were astounded to find one of our Rhode Island Red chickens with a mouse dangling from her beak. Today, another mouse appeared. I caught it, called the chickens over, and released the mouse. After a short run of a yard, Tomoyo, my Black Sex Link, killed it with a bite to the neck. The rest of the ladies then went crazy and started chasing her. Tomoyo was running and holding the mouse in her beak like a cat carrying a kitten. The mouse was later dropped somewhere, but not before Tomoyo got some bites out of it.

And I have some pictures.

For those with a sensitive stomach, here is a picture of my dear Angel. Don’t go any further than that.

Isn’t she cute?

You sure you want to see these?

Really sure?

Ok. I apologize in advance for the blurriness in some photos.

Tomoyo running away with her prize

Running. “It’s mine!”
“It might need some barbeque sauce.”