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And the Plants Take their Time July 27, 2010

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Right now I’m not harvesting anything. The beans are still sizing up, the tomatoes have gone on strike, the figs are the size of my fingernail, and the onions are taking their sweet time. I’m still trying to figure out what is wrong with the tomatoes. It could be too much chicken poop (the chickens like to take dust baths there and scratch for bugs) or it could be that I didn’t water it enough.

Gardening in the real world can humble you. No matter how many books you’ve read, or how much you think you  know, sometimes you still can’t tell whether or not a bean should be picked, if a tomato is ripe, or if you planted enough. All you can do is wait and hope and get some experience (or not).


Hi again July 11, 2010

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I haven’t been writing on this blog for some time, which, of course, defeats the purpose as a gardening journal. 4 days ago I harvested 2 ounces of Dragon Purple Carrots. They were really quite purplish, which surprised and delighted me because some other “purple carrots” I’ve seen were really pink. The beans (either Strike or Masai Green) are starting to mature, so I’ll get a handful of green beans soon. For some reason I only have two tomatoes. There were flowers, but the fruits did not grow at all.

This is one pot that is growing in front of out chimney. It’s mostly filled with beans, bunching onions, and basil, but there is some chard in there as well. I had pulled all of the lettuce to give to the chickens, as it had bolted. Our California weather just kept swinging back and forth between cold and hot. We don’t eat much lettuce anyways.

Another pot ( I have 2) It also has some carrots still in it.

Sorry, it's a bit fuzzy, but here are some of the beans

more bean flowers


See, the other flowers don't have anything.

The morning glories have taken over part of the dog kennel and our tangerine tree.

my basil's a bit on the scrawny side, but smell wonderful.

And here are my ladies:

Scratch corn treats!

"Any more?" Yuuko is still looking at the floor "Hmm, maybe I missed some."

Oh, no more? How disappointing.