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Issues and Interests For Writing May 6, 2010

Filed under: Creative Writing Workshop,Writing — Aeneas Anchises' son @ 9:44 pm

Ok, so here are my issues and interests


This is a biggie for me. I tend to leave things until the last moment, even big biology experiments and technical papers (sorry Mrs. Yi). Also, self-imposed deadlines don’t work, so I often don’t really think about what I am writing or just choose to wait until I am inspired to write, which can be every day for a week or once in three months.

2.lack of ideas

Most of the time when I want to write, I don’t know what I want to write about. I need to work on my brainstorming and set aside time for that instead of just rushing to write whatever.

3.different forms of poetry

I would like to explore different types of poetry, like limericks, sonnets, and some other forms of Japenese poetry besides the haiku. I tend to stick with longer versions of haiku (just repeating the pattern) or rhyming poems.

4. different subjects

Most of my poems are about nature, and I would like to branch out to different subjects, which goes back to the brainstorming.

5. working on short stories

I can’t start a story without drawing it out until it’s more like a chapter book. I like to slowly build up to my climax, which defeats the purpose of short stories. Perhaps it’s also my feeling towards short stores- to me, they end too soon, and I want more. I also spend my own sweet time elaborating, so I need to be a bit more terse.


2 Responses to “Issues and Interests For Writing”

  1. Merrilee Says:

    Excellent Yuuko. 2 and 5 will be addressed as part of the workshop anyway. Next step, goals 🙂

  2. joyofdawn Says:

    I’m with you on the first one. I always put things off to the last moment. It isn’t because I don’t have the time (although that happens to) it is because I love working underpressure. It makes my brain work overtime to produce something. Setting a specific time is going to help me with that, I hope. 🙂
    Three sounds like a lot of fun! I play around with poetry occasionally but it doesn’t inspire me like writing stories do. It gives me a whole other kind of feeling.
    Again I’m with you on four. I get myself set on one track then tend to stick to it. This whole workshop for me is about exploring the unknown. It is scarry and exciting at the same time!
    Looks like your in for some fun these next weeks!

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