Of Angels and Plants

The adventures of gardening

More sowings… April 13, 2010

Filed under: garden,seeds — Aeneas Anchises' son @ 8:36 pm

I used the idea from The Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen of polyculture salad beds and I sowed two huge pots (no idea how much soil they hold) with:

  • Dutch Redina, Batavian Nevada, and French Cardinale lettuce
  • Evergreen bunching heshiko onion
  • amaranth (probably too early but it gets warm pretty early here)
  • Viroflay Spinach
  • Bunching Crimson Forest onion
  • Basil, both Cinnamon and lettuce-leaved genovese
  • Rainbow Swiss Chard
  • Dragon Purple Carrots
  • Red Cored Chatenay Carrots
  • Green Fortune Pak Choi

Everything except for the Pak Choi is open-pollinated. I hope to get some salads soon!


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