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Just some thoughts… March 29, 2010

Filed under: garden,Monsanto,seeds — Aeneas Anchises' son @ 5:44 pm

I was reading the National Geographic today. It was a special issue (I think) about the water crises. A shiny ad caught my eye about how farmers could save water. The paragraph was very optimistic, and I was in perfect agreement until I was stopped in my tracks. How? The end of the sentence went something like this – “by distributing water-saving irrigation tools and biotech seeds, we can help reduce the water crises.”  Biotech seeds??!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, and went back to read it again. There it was – biotech seeds. I then looked at the company logo, and what do you know? Its Monsanto again.

Another ad had something about plants bred for drought tolerance, but something about it (I’ll look over it again tomorrow) suggested GMOs. Again. By a water conservation group. Grrrrrr.  I’m not going to stop reading it, though (its free in my school library), but I’m going to look over the articles with a closer eye. Just out of curiosity, but has anyone else seen reputable magazines that host Monsanto ads?


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